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What is the 27th Letter

"We are a 27-dimensional, technicolor, high-def, 31 flavor studio in a 2-dimensional, greyscale, cardboard cutout, vanilla world" ™

Every language has a set number of letters, characters, and symbols used for communication, and connecting people with information. The 27th Letter represents something yet to be created. It represents the next step, or evolution providing a new method to connect and communicate. The 27th Letter changes the chemistry and expands possibilities. The 27th Letter is for when typical will not do, and something truly unique, and new is needed.
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Graphic Design
Print Design, Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Branding, Flyers, T-Shirts, Screen Printing, Marketing Items, Signs, Graphic Wraps, Illustration, and Fine Art.
Web Design | Development
Responsive Mobile-Ready Web Design and Development, E-Commerce, E-Mailers, Search Engine Optimization, Site Analytics, Web Hosting, E-Learning.
Mobile Applications
Device Agnostic, Platform/OS Agnostics, Native and Web Application Development, Enterprise or Public Level Development.
3D Animation | Photo/Video
Industry Simulations/Animations, Video Promos, Informational & Instructional Videos, Special Effects, Advertising Stingers, Professional Photography.
SEO | Web Analytics
Search Engine Optimization, AdWords, Google Analytics, Custom Dashboards and Reporting, Google Marketing/Advertising.
Social Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Industry Specific Social Marketing. Full Advertising Social Campaign builds, and maintenance.

Email: contact@27thletter.com
Phone: 405 816 8738
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